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Do you ‘under-brag’ on social media?

Do you ‘under-brag’ on social media?

Craig Detweiler, Ph.D. and Director of the Center for Entertainment, Media, and Culture at Pepperdine University spoke at the recent Lausanne Global Consultation on Media and Evangelism. He talked about the fact that social media platforms have created a generation of people who are experts at “underbragging.” In other words, bragging indirectly. In the church or ministry world you see it like this:

“Wow! 5,000 cars for today’s Sunday service. Praise God!”  (Without the pastor posting how great he is or how awesome his service was, this is a good way to communicate it indirectly.)

“My publisher just told me my book is selling out! #shocked.  (Good sales plug.)

“You guys rocked Pastor Appreciation Day. I was humbled.”  (Not quite humbled enough apparently.)

“I can’t believe the altar call today! 200 people came forward!  (I preach awesome sermons.)

Underbragging isn’t a sin, and we’ve all done it from time to time. I’ve been guilty of re-tweeting nice things other people say too many times, and you may have done something similar. The problem is when we stop seeing the reality of underbragging and we start assuming it’s OK. That’s when we start pulling muscles from patting ourselves on the back.

How about you? Seen any good underbrags lately?

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